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Feat Systems is a Leading Vendor for RPA Service Providers In India and a USA-based company. Our Expert Resource Provides End-to-End RPA Service with AI Tools.

We are a leading RPA Service Provider with huge Benefits to Business Organizations by achieving Higher Accuracy, Human effort Saving, Cost Saving, and Work-life balance by Implementing Intelligent Business Automation.

Nowadays RPA uses artificial intelligence (AI) to Perform complex tasks and we are providing Intelligent Automation Services in India and USA.

By using the Robotic Process Automation Service we are automating the process which is a rule-based Process, Huge volume, and repetitive. It provides more value to domain-specific (Business Users) work and helps them to high Productivity, and good Customer Experience by reaching SLA and Boosting the company’s ROI

As a Leading RPA Service Provider, Our expert Team helps organizations to setups the RPA COEs. We work closely with our Clients for assessment, strategy implementation, Process Mining, Implementation, and Development and Provide RPA Support Services.

We use a wide range of automation components, including RPA, AI, OCR, BPM, and IoT, to enable businesses to scale and transform into fully automated enterprises.

We have collaborated with leading RPA vendors like UiPath with AI Capability our Domain knowledge helps us to implement seamless systems that deliver high performance. That is why we are the one of the  Best UiPath RPA Service Provider in India and USA.

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UiPath RPA Service Partner in India and USA

Benefits After RPA Implementation

After the implementation of RPA, the Company is getting the below benefits.

Maximizing ROI: Our RPA solutions not only facilitate adoption but also maximize your RPA investments. Clients have experienced:

Cost Savings: Achieve 25-80% cost reduction.
Process Speed: Realize an 80-90% increase in process speed.
Employee Productivity: Boost productivity by 35-50%.
FTE Reduction: Optimize workforce utilization.

Feat Systems Private Limited - RPA Service Provider
RPA Service Providers In India and USA

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Accolades - By UiPath​

  • Special Recognition
  • Excellence in Finance and Accounting
  • Excellence in Banking Automation
  • Why RPA Service from us?

    Nowadays due to the increased number of users in the digital world and a number of processes. It gives a huge load to the company to complete the task and meet the SAL, which increases the cost of the Company.

    As RPA Service Providers, We are solving the problems by automating the Process which is huge in volume, repetitive in nature, and rule-based. 

    We are RPA implementation Partners in India & USA with UiPath, providing services in the Banking, Insurance, Finance, and manufacturing industries in India and USA  

    Our - RPA Service Providers In India - USA

    RPA Assessment

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is not universally applicable to all processes. It is crucial to assess whether a specific process is suitable for RPA implementation, thereby preventing potential cost and time inefficiencies. As part of our RPA assessment services, we assist in pre-determining the cost, return on investment (ROI), and success rate for implementing RPA in your organization. By conducting this assessment, we ensure that you make informed decisions and maximize the value of RPA both in the short term and long term

    Process Mining for RPA

    Process mining serves as a critical precursor to embarking on the automation journey. By analyzing existing processes, it enables organizations to make informed decisions about which processes are ripe for automation. Here’s how it works:

    • Discover Your Processes
    • Visualize Every Detail
    • Assess Automation Opportunities


    we specialize in helping enterprises swiftly analyze and pinpoint processes that benefit from automation

    RPA Consulting Services

    Our RPA consulting services empower enterprises to identify and construct processes that necessitate automation. As part of our comprehensive RPA consulting, our expert consultants guide you in selecting the most suitable RPA tools and provide practical automation proof-of-concepts (PoCs). Our focus is on enhancing productivity by creating a well-defined roadmap for successful automation implementatio

    RPA Development Services

    Our RPA development services leverage a profound understanding of digital technologies and customer experience to propel your organization’s digital transformation. Here’s how we achieve this:

    • Establishment and Management
    • Scalability
    • Customer-Centric Approach
    • Holistic Automation Plan

    With our RPA development expertise, you can unlock operational efficiencies, enhance productivity, and drive meaningful business impact

    RPA Implementation Services

    • At our organization, we specialize in RPA services, helping businesses streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. Our comprehensive RPA implementation services cover both attended and unattended bots, ensuring seamless automation across various processes. Here’s how we can assist you:
    • RPA Strategy Development
    • Automation Design
    • RPA Development
    • Infrastructure and Support

    By leveraging our RPA expertise, you can establish an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) within your organization, enabling scalability and long-term success. Let’s transform your business processes through intelligent automation! 🤖💼

    RPA Support & Managed Services

    Explore our comprehensive RPA support and managed services where our expert team continuously monitors and optimizes your RPA projects. We ensure seamless operation of your RPA infrastructure, proactively identifying areas for improvement. Additionally, our RPA enhancements drive continuous progress, maximizing the benefits of automation. Let us be your trusted partner in streamlining your processes!” 🤖✨


    • Consulting Services: RPA consultants help financial institutions identify automation opportunities, assess processes, and design RPA solutions tailored to their needs.
    • Implementation Services: Experts deploy RPA bots to automate repetitive tasks like data entry, reconciliation, and report generation.
    • Training Services: Training programs ensure employees understand RPA tools and can effectively manage automated processes. RPA adoption in this sector has surged during the pandemic, enhancing productivity and optimizing performance.
    • Process Automation: RPA streamlines production lines, inventory management, and supply chain processes. Integration with AI, ML, and OCR enhances performance.
    • Quality Control: RPA bots verify product quality, reducing errors and improving efficiency.
    • Maintenance and Repairs: Bots monitor equipment health, schedule maintenance, and handle routine repairs

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) streamlines administrative tasks, such as patient data management, appointment scheduling, and claims processing. It reduces manual work, enhances staff retention, and ensures accurate records

    • Patient Data Management: RPA automates patient record updates, billing, and claims processing.
    • Appointment Scheduling: Bots manage appointment bookings, reminders, and rescheduling.
    • Claims Processing: RPA accelerates claims validation, reducing processing time and errors.
    • Inventory Management: RPA tracks stock levels, automates replenishment orders, and manages returns.
    • Order Processing: Bots handle order fulfillment, invoice generation, and shipping coordination.
    • Customer Service: RPA assists with inquiries, refunds, and order status updates.
    • Recruitment and Onboarding: RPA streamlines candidate screening, interview scheduling, and document verification.
    • Payroll and Benefits Administration: Bots calculate salaries, manage benefits enrollment, and handle compliance.
    • Employee Data Updates: RPA ensures accurate employee records across systems.
    • Claims Processing: RPA automates claims intake, validation, and settlement.
    • Underwriting: Bots analyze risk factors, validate data, and generate policy quotes.
    • Customer Service: RPA assists policyholders with inquiries, policy changes, and renewals.
      • RPA in Banking: RPA automates tasks like data entry, reconciliation, and customer service. It lowers costs, accelerates processes, and enhances risk management3.
      • Benefits: Increased efficiency, cost savings, and 24/7 operation.
    1. Telecom Sector:

      • RPA in Telecom: RPA optimizes customer care, network maintenance, and complaint resolution. It scales easily, improves data security, and enhances customer engagement

    Benefits: Faster response times, cost-effective scaling, and error-free processes.

    Feat Systems is one of the leading RPA Service providers in the Banking Sector domain in India and we are recognized best RPA implementation in the Banking Sector domain. 

    • RPA in Retail: RPA handles inventory management, supply planning, and returns processing. It predicts consumer trends, optimizes marketing, and simplifies back-office tasks4.
    • Benefits: Personalized experiences, streamlined processes, and innovation.
    • RPA in BPO: RPA automates complex processes, scales efficiently, and ensures data safety. It reduces costs, enhances security, and improves process quality5.
    • Benefits: Faster security controls, cost optimization, and 24/7 operation.