Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

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Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

Today We are going to check some basic Question and Answers on google Gemini AI Tool

Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ List

  1. What is Gemini AI used for?

    Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

    Google suggests that the simplest way to use Gemini is through Google AI Studio, a web tool. This tool allows you to try out and run prompts in a web browser. When you’re happy with the results, you can export your model to code. After that, you can use it in your chosen programming language, like Python, on your server.

  2. Is Gemini AI better than ChatGPT?

    AI Showdown GPT-4 vs Google Gemini GPT-4 vs Gemini

    You can read the Post No1 and Forb Article, By reading this you will come to know which one is better.

    ChatGPT Plus has a notable advantage over Gemini Advanced due to the GPT Store. In the GPT Store, there are custom models based on ChatGPT tailored for specific tasks. These custom versions provide improved performance and higher accuracy because they are trained with specific data for their designated purposes.

  3. Is Gemini AI free?

    Gemini is a free-of-cost AI model that comes integrated with Google apps. For Gemini Advanced, users have to pay Rs 1,950 per month

  4. Is Gemini AI available in India?

    Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

    Gemini Advance can be accessed through a Google One AI Premium, which for users in India will be priced starting Rs 1,950 for a month.

  5. Can anyone use Gemini AI?

    Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

    Beginning December 13, developers and enterprise customers can use Gemini Pro through the Gemini API in Google AI Studio or Google Cloud Vertex AI. Google AI Studio is a free, web-based tool for developers to quickly prototype and launch applications using an API key.

  6. Does Gemini accept Google pay?

    Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

    Yes, the Gemini Credit Card works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

  7. Why Gemini is powerful?

    Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

    Gemini 1.0 was trained to recognize and comprehend various types of data simultaneously, including text, images, and audio. This multi-modal training allows it to have a better understanding of nuanced information and enables it to answer questions related to complex topics. Gemini 1.0 excels in explaining reasoning in intricate subjects such as math and physics.

  8. How to use Gemini AI?

    Step 1: In the Gemini app, tap on your Profile picture at the top right.
    Step 2: Then, tap on Settings.
    Step 3: Tap on Digital assistants from Google.
    Step 4: Tap on Gemini to set it as your default digital assistant.

  9. Is Gemini open source?

    Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

    GitHub – openGemini/openGemini: An open source distributed time-series database with high concurrency, high performance, and high scalability.

  10. What can I do with Gemini AI?

    Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

    With Gemini on your phone, you can type, talk or add an image for all kinds of help while you’re on the go: You can take a picture of your flat tire and ask for instructions, generate a custom image for your dinner party invitation or ask for help writing a difficult text message.

  11. What is the new AI model of Google?

    Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

    Gemini, a multimodal model from Google DeepMind, is capable of understanding virtually any input, combining different types of information, and generating almost any output. Prompt and test Gemini in Vertex AI using text, images, video, or code.

  12. Does Gemini have API?

    Gemini’s API can be used to place, cancel, and view orders, stream market data and get account data.

  13. Which company developed Gemini AI?

    Google reveals its most powerful AI model Gemini which outperforms most human experts, GPT-4 in benchmarks

  14. Does Google Gemini have an app?

    Google introduced a free artificial intelligence app named Gemini for smartphones on Thursday. The Gemini app initially will be released in the U.S. in English before expanding to the Asia-Pacific region next week, with versions in Japanese and Korean.
    Google rebrands AI as Gemini, launches new app, subscription

  15. Can Gemini AI generate images?

    Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

    mage generation in Gemini Apps is available in most countries, except in the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, and the UK. It’s only available for English prompts. This feature’s availability in any specific Gemini app is also limited to the supported languages and countries of that app.
    Generate images with Gemini Apps – Computer – Google Help

  16. What are the disadvantages of Google Gemini?

    Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

    It can struggle with precise object location in images, long videos, and complex instructions. It’s not suitable for medical use or chatbots. Can struggle with precise object/text localization in images. It may be less accurate in understanding rotated images.
    Strengths and limitations | Vertex AI – Google Cloud

  17. Does Gemini have bots?

    Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

    The general bot is going to be free. You can get it on iOS, the Google app. There’s a little toggle where you go up to the top, you can tap, and then go into Gemini. For Android users, you can actually use it to replace your Google Assistant.

  18. Where I can download Google Gemini APK free use?

    Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

    You can download it from below link
    Google Gemini – Apps on Google Play

  19. Is gemini ai support chatbot?

    Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

    Google has finally launched Gemini Advanced – the most powerful version of its AI-powered chatbot Gemini. This paid version is powered by Gemini Ultra 1.0 large language model (LLM) and the company says it will use the conversations to further train the AI model.

Google Gemini AI Demo

Google Gemini AI Tool FAQ

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